The Gist

Reviving this thing, shooting for engagement for #acwrimo and #digiwrimo 2014. This year my goals will be much more achievable.

  • dust off that darn article and get it into submittable shape
  • make sense of data from that one instrument that’s closed
  • blog everyday, both here and there

I can do it. I have those pomodoros on my calendar, so that means I just need to stick to them.


In a fit of writing passion I decided (against my better judgement) to participate in Academic Writing Month and Digital Writing Month 2012. My goals? Above and beyond. Let’s see how far I get.


  • An hour a day/7 hrs a week
  • journaling the process of these writing months to the end goal of having a future lp article out of it
  • Complete draft of that lit review done


  • A blog post a day at ef365
  • Tweet a day
  • Two drafts of lp articles complete
  • An essay for a non library publication drafted

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