Pomodroido and getting unstuck

Today I downloaded Pomodroido, an app I saw highlighted on some “best of apps for productivity” list that I saw somewhere. Last week I noticed that playing with the alarm clock on my phone is a hassle. I have to go into the clock and reset the alarm each time. Using Pomodroido I can set a default time length for for pomodoros–I like 30 instead of 25 because I rarely do pomodoros back to back. But if I ever want to write for more than a half hour, I will use consecutive pomodoros to accomplish the task and fill the time. Now in just a few taps I can get underway. So yeah, maybe this saves only 1 minute out of my day (twice), when you look at it in total that’s 10 minutes, or 1/3 of a pomodoro.

There are moments in every writing process when I get a little stuck. It’s not writer’s block, but it’s that I’ve written myself into confusion. In writing I lose the ideas that were clear in my brain, and my current projects are no exception. For the past week or so the meta-analysis article has been in one of these points. But today I seem to have surmounted this obstacle. Just because there are oodles of examples in my meta-analysis sample set, does not mean I need to discuss each one in detail! Reading it now makes me chuckle. Really? This was my confusion? In any case, I spent some of my morning pomodoro identifying which examples to use. Now I feel prepared to flesh out this particular section and then start the editing process. My goal is to have this article to colleagues to read for feedback and revisions by the end of November, with the end goal of having an article submitted to a journal by the end of the year.

The other article I’m writing is also at a sticking point. For this one I’m working with a co-author. Since we’d never met and only corresponded over email, this Saturday we had an hour long G+ hangout, wherein we discussed some further ideas and fleshed out ideas for the article’s overall argument and conclusion. Now I need to sit with the article and fill out the empty spots, and draft the ideas we discussed.

In both of these pieces I’m at the point where I have a mostly complete draft, and my usual process is to begin the editing process to inspire the rest of the words. This habit probably stems from the perfectionist in me. After all, perfectionism is one of my higher blocks according to my scoring on Boice’s questionnaire. To try and work through this particular writing process block I am trying my damnedest to NOT edit before I’m completely done with the draft.

So tomorrow I need to concentrate my efforts on the co-authored piece. We said we’d be done drafting by Wednesday and finished editing by the following Wednesday. This means that it’s in my hands and I need to get it done.

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