A slew of quick updates about today

Thursday and it was writing group day. Three of us met and I attempted to get some feedback about the structure and organization of a troubling section of the meta-analysis draft. A table or other kind of visual was suggested, and I spent my last pomodoro thinking about how to tackle it.

Began reading the Boice book before bed, though I’m rethinking that choice. It’s written in that drab academic style that makes you want to sleep even when you’re hopped up on caffeine.

Today is also November 15th. Acwrimo and Digiwrimo are halfway over. So far I’m chugging along with my goals. A brief update for myself follows.

An hour a day/7 hrs a week
I’m doing relatively okay with this one. I write/work on writing projects for a half hour when I get into the office and a half hour before I leave. I also try to work some more on Fridays and possibly Saturday mornings.

Journaling the process of these writing months to the end goal of having a future lp article out of it
Well this is the journal. I’m not sure what shape a LP article will take, but I think it might incorporate some of the Reading about Writing post, thoughts about collaborative writing in general, and thinking about the nature of writing in librarianship.

Complete draft of that lit review done
I’m feeling good about this one. I just need to power through a bit and get over some of these blocks with the meta analysis. I can definitely do this by the end of the month, provided I’m able to balance it with the other LP article that’s currently getting drafted and that needs to be submitted to reviewers by the 30th.

A blog post a day at ef365
This one has not been so great, but I’ve also placed this goal on the backburner to Acwrimo projects. But when I have started to write things have flowed and this is good.

Tweet a day
This one definitely hasn’t been a problem. Twitter rediscovered!

Two drafts of lp articles complete
One will definitely be complete by the end of this month, as I’m on deadline with reviewers and slated to publish on December 12th. The second will most likely not.

An essay for a non library publication drafted
I started this, and I started thinking about this. This has been a project that I’ve put aside and had as a lower priority. This is one that I’ll consider picking up if I feel inspired, though there are definitely some entries from ef365 that may play into a piece.

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